Saturday, December 31, 2005

Shoulders & Calves

Drinking my cup-o-joe, then getting ready to go in and blast shoulders. They should be able to handle a lot today, since I'm feeling strong this week, rested up, and am eating superbly. :D

Shoulders & Calves
Had a kickin' training session today!

FM Shoulder Press 35x15, 12, 10, 10
BB Standing Press 50x12, 10 60x8 70x8 80x3, 3(push presses)
DB 1-Arm Seated Press (R,L) 25x10ea. 25x10ea. 30x8ea. 35x6,5
Rope High Row 50x15 60x12 70x10 80x10

Standing Calf 120x20 160x15(not ss on this set) 220x12 240x10
ss w/ Seated Calf 45x10 45x10 35x15

Duration: 45 min
Total Sets Delts=17 Calves=7
Strength=8.5 Energy=8.5
*Intensity was high!

Saturday, Checkin' In

Today I weighed in for the first time since Nov. 18 competition (135 day of show). I was scared, to be totally honest! Even though I've been training hard and I ate well this week, I was expecting to be in the mid to high 150's. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find these numbers staring back at me:

Weight: 147.5
Bodyfat: 18.2%

I'm already planning to have a cheat day today, but I still want to track as much as I can so I can meet my minimum requirements, at least.

Got a late start today...
0900: 1 packet low-sugar oatmeal, 2 tbsp soy isolate, 3 oz carb countdown milk

*1.5c Coffee, 1 Centrum Performance, 500mg Calcium, 500mg Vit C, MHP Releve Joint Aid

Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday's Leg Blasting

Wow, did I ever get my a** kicked today, literally. Dylan put me through a really tough workout, but that was expected for week 5. Makes me wonder what week 6 (toughest of the cycle) will have in store for me!

Quads & Hams
Swings 36x15, 15
Double Cleans 36'sx10, 10
Power Cleans 36'sx3, 5, 5
Barbell Squat 140x8 160x6 170x5 180x5 180x8
Pyramid Deadlift 53x10, 15 70x10, 12
Front Squat 36'sx5 36'sx10 36'sx10-drop-26'sx8
ss w/ 1-leg SLDL 36'sx5ea. 36'sx5ea. 36'sx5ea.-drop-26'sx5ea.
Lunges 26'sx22 26'sx16
Farmer's Lunge 26'sx8 26'sx8 26'sx8, 8

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.
Strength: 9.0 Energy: 9.5 Total Sets: 29

Friday's Diet

*1.5c coffee

0815: 1 packet low-sugar peaches n cream oatmeal, 1/4c oats, 2 tbsp soy protein isolate, 4 oz carb countdown 2% milk

*1 Centrum Performance Multi, 500mg Calcium, 500mg Vit C

1030: 1/2 apple, 1/2c cottage cheese

1150 Preworkout: 1c red potatoes, 3 oz lean ground turkey

*MHP Releve Joint Aid

-Train Quads & Hams @ 1330- *1/2 serv. MHP TRAC Extreme-NO

1500 Postworkout: 1/2 serv. MHP Macrobolic MRP

1700: 3 oz lean ground beef, 1/4c long n wild rice, 1/2 apple, 1 slice WW bread

1830: 1/2 MHP Up Your Mass Protein Bar

*250mg Calcium, 500mg Vit C

2100: 4 egg whites, 2 slices WW bread

2200: Handful of pretzels, 1 container SF jello

2330: 1/2c cottage cheese, 1/3 serv. MHP Probolic-SR

0100: 1 slice WW bread w/ SF jam

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday - Back Attack!

Was planning to do back & chest today, but my chest was SO sore from I don't know what - all I did was pushups Monday and close-grip bench (3 sets) yesterday. In any case, I dropped chest and did a solo back workout... and a very good one it was!

T-Bar Row w/ Oly Barbell 60x15 75x15 95x12 120x8, 8
Oly Barbell Row 60x15 70x12 90x8 100x8
1-Arm DB Row (R, L) 30x12 35x10 45x8 50x7
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 70x12 80x10 90x8 100x7,1

Total Sets=17
Strength=9.0 Energy=9.0 Duration=35 minutes

My Supplementation Program

OK, it's changed a bit from what I started with 4 1/2 weeks ago. Here is my current supplement list, timing, and dosage:

Within 30 min. Upon Waking: 2c Coffee, 1/2 serv. MHP Probolic-SR Cookies n Cream

1-2 hours later: 1 Centrum Performance Multi-Vitamin, 500mg Calcium, 500mg Vit C

Preworkout (1-2 hours prior): 50-150mg Caffeine (Diet Coke, Coffee, or Energy Booster), MHP Releve Joint Aid
Pre/During workout (10 min. prior and during): 1/2 serving MHP TRAC Extreme-NO

Post Workout (within 30 minutes): 1/2+ serv. MHP Macrobolic MRP Chocolate

PM: 250-500mg Calcium, 500mg Vitamin C

Last meal of day, eaten 30-90 min. before bed, usually contains 1/3-1/2 serv. MHP Probolic-SR Cookies n Cream

Thursday's Diet

I'm starting to track, and therefore post, my diet logs again. I need to write this stuff down to properly time it around my schedule and workouts. So today is day one!

0845: 1/3c oats, 1/2 scoop MHP Probolic-SR, splash of SF soy milk

1200: 1/2c Lite n Fit yogurt, 1 tbsp FiProFlax, 1/3 serv. MHP Macrobolic MRP

1400: 1/2c long grain n wild rice, 3 oz lean ground turkey

1545 Preworkout: 2/3c homemade cran/almond granola, 1/2c SF soy milk, 4 scrambled egg whites

Train from 1645-1745

1800 Postworkout: 2/3 serving MHP Macrobolic MRP

2000: 3 homemade soft tacos - corn tortilla lightly fried in olive oil, 2 tbsp refried beans, 93% lean beef drained of excess fat, sprinkle of cheddar cheese, tbsp. FF sour cream, handful of lettuce.

2230: 1/3c Lite n Fit yogurt, 1 container SF pudding w/ 1/3 serv. MHP Probolic-SR

Daily Totals: 122 protein, 183 carbs, 42 fat, 1561 kcals

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


This week's training is condensed as well, due to the holiday. I got a day late start, so I'm doing arms & traps today instead of resting, and back & chest tomorrow since I missed it Monday. Friday will be legs and Saturday shoulders/calves, as usual.

Biceps, Triceps, Traps
Oly Barbell Curl 50x10, 10, 10, 8
Standing Preacher Curl 30x10, 10 40x8, 8 30x15

BW Dips 10, 10, 10
Lying Tri Extension 30x10 40x9 30x10
ss w/ Close Grip Bench 30x15 40x10 30x15

Oly Barbell Shrugs to Front 70x15 100x12, 12 120x8, 6 (grip failed)

Bis=9 sets
Tris=9 sets
Traps=5 sets

Strength=9.0 Energy=9.5 Duration=45 minutes
*Intensity kept high... great workout! :) Photo Shoot

I got my pics from a shoot I did with JC Lopez at the Nationals last month. They turned out great! I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back on Track

Now that Christmas has passed, I can fully focus on my training... and, especially the diet! This current week marks the 5th week of my phase, so only 1 1/2 weeks 'til I enter my strength phase. I decided to start early and map out my new program well in advance. I'll begin this next phase Monday, January 9. I will also allocate more time for my secondary training, which includes classes and routine work. I am aiming for 4 secondary workouts per week, in addition to the 4 days of lifting.

Phase 2: Jan 9-
Length: 6 weeks
Focus: Strength
Split: 4 days of weights + sport-specific training

This split will go around 4 core exercises (military press, squat, deadlift, bench press) that I will perform nearly every workout, with a different order and emphasis on each workout. Supplemental work will be added for shoulders, back and quads.

Military Press
-KB Front Squat
-KB 1-leg SLDL

Incline KB Bench Press
T-Bar Row
Military Press

Incline KB Bench Press
T-Bar Row
-KB Double Row

Military Press
Incline KB Bench Press
T-Bar Row
-Renegade Row

I'll perform 3 sets of the Core exercises and 4 sets of any supplemental exercises. Total sets for each workout will not exceed 25 sets.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday - A Compromise

Feeling MUCH better today, and chagnged my split up again so I can hit everything in 4 days instead of 5. Today was shoulders and triceps, and I left with an awesome pump!

Shoulders & Triceps
DB Shoulder Press 20'sx15 30'sx10 35'sx8 35'sx8
KB Clean n Press 26'sx8 36'sx6 26'sx8 26'sx6
Upright Row 40x12 50x10 50x10 40x10
Reverse Laterals 10'sx15 15'sx12 12'sx15
BW Dips 9, 8, 7
Reverse Grip Press Downs 40x12 40x15 45x12 40x15

Shoulders=15 sets Triceps=7 sets
Strength=8.5 Energy=8.0 Duration=48 mins.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday - Getting Better

Glad today is backoff week, as I am still quite sick, but feeling much better today than I had on Sun and Mon. Today was full body KB with an emphasis on Back & Chest. My cardio sucked bad today, so we took a little longer rests than normal.

Swings 26x15 20 16x15 20 53x10
1. KB Military Press 26'sx5 26'sx8 36'sx4
2. Pullups 5, 5, 6
3. Hammer Chest Press 35'sx10 40'sx6 45'sx6
1. T-Bar Row Machine 35x10 45x12 55x10
2. Incline KB Press on SB 26'sx8 26'sx10 26'sx12
3. Chins 8, 8, 6
KB Suitcase Deadlift 53'sx10 70'sx8 70'sx8

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.
Strength=7.0 Energy=6.0

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday - Still Sick

Well, despite popping Vit C, zinc, garlic, echinacea, Zicam, drinking green tea and eating oranges, I'm still sick as a dawg! Too sick today to train, and with Christmas cutting my training week even shorter, I've been forced to condense my split this week to fit everything in. So here's the plan:

Tue - KB Full Body (Back/Chest emphasis)
Wed - Shoulders, Triceps
Thu - Legs, Calves
Fri - Back, Biceps

Hopefully I'm well enough to do this tomorrow! Until then, I'll be sticking to the Vitamins, veggies/fruits, water, and resting up!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday - Blah!

Feelin' like crap today... worst day of my cold so far. Strength and energy were so low during my workout, I felt like I was dieting again! Made it through shoulders but got a crazy pain in my right shoulder doing standing BB presses, so I skipped calves.

FM Shoulder Press 35x15 35x12 35x10 35x10
KB Double Shoulder Press 26'sx10 26'sx8 36'sx6 26'sx8
BB Standing Press 3 sets of 50x10
DB Seated B-O Lat Raise 10'sx12 10'sx12 12'sx10 10'sx10

Strength=7.0 Energy=7.0 Total sets=15 Duration=28 minutes

Friday - Legs!!!

Yoga was cancelled AGAIN because of... well, I don't really know why. The school authorities around here are ridiculous. By the time I left the house late morning, it was sunny, 45 degrees, with bare, dry roads. Anyway, I got my nails done then headed in for a killer leg workout. Last tough week and next week is backoff week. I will post reps/poundage later.

KB Swings - 5 sets
KB Cleans & Power Cleans - 7 sets
BB Squat - 7 sets
(This part lasted 45 minutes, then I had a client. I finished my leg workout 45 minutes and a protein shake later.)

KB Front Squat - 5 sets
KB 1-Leg SLDL - 5 sets
(30 minutes)

Friday, December 16, 2005


Arms & Traps
Didn't have as much strength as I'd hoped during this workout, but I more than made up for it with a super-intense workout, definitely the toughest of the 3 weeks so far.

EZ Bar Curl 30x15 40x12 50x10 60x4-40x6-30x6
1-Arm DB Preacher Curl (L,R) 10x12ea. 12.5x12ea. 15x12ea. 20x8ea.
BW Dips 3 sets of 10
Lying Tricep Extension 30x12 30x10 30x8
30x8 ss w/ Close grip bench 30x12
BB Shrugs 85x15 85x15 125x10 125x10

Strength=9.5 Energy=9.8 Duration=58 minutes
Bis=8 sets Tris=8 sets Traps=4 sets

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Today was on off day from lifting, but my sport-specific training is 1 hour routine drill practice. Today's practice went well - I did the same stuff as last week but it's coming together a little more. With these new moves, repetition is the key, and it sometimes takes months to perfect one move or one series of moves. So, I've learned to have a lot of patience! Tomorrow will be back in the weight room!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday - KB Training!

Today was a friggin' kick-butt KB workout! I knew week 3 would be tough, but this was my toughest workout in the last 2 months! Felt awesome afterwards, but now I need a nap. :)

Full Body KB Training - Emphasis on Back
Swings 26x15 36x15 53x10 53x10 53x10
Snatches 26x10ea. 26x10ea 26x10ea
BB Traditional Deadlift 140x8 140x8 160x8 170x8 190x8
Ladder Pullups SS w/ 1-Arm Russian KB Military Press 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 10/5
Clean n Jerk 36'sx3 36'sx5 36's x 4 36's x 8 36's x 5

Strength=9.5 Energy=9.0 Duration=75 minutes

Monday, December 12, 2005


OK, so I missed Yoga again! I was writing a new article for this morning, and when I got up and looked at the clock it was 10 til. So, that wasn't happening! Tonight will be Back & Chest, and this is Week 3 of my cycle, so it will be the 100% all-out week.

I've decided to add Creatine into my supplement program again (actually started on Friday before Legs). I'm taking MHP TRAC Extreme-NO prior to and during my weight sessions.

Back & Chest
Flat Barbell Bench Press 65x15 85x12 95x10 105x8 115x5
Double KB Row 26'sx15 26'sx12 26'sx10 50'sx3-26'sx12
Free Motion Pushup 12, 10, 12
Free Motion Row 45x12 50x12 50x12 70x10
Hammer Chest Press 25'sx15 35'sx10 45'sx8
Free Motion Lat Pulldown 40x15 50x12 60x10 70x8

Back=12 sets, Chest=11 sets, Strength=8.5, Energy=7.5, Duration=50 minutes

Saturday, December 10, 2005


This morning I trained shoulders and calves. I wanted to get in there and finish the workout early since I had a 10:00am client, and didn't want to spend my whole Saturday at the gym. I awoke at 7:30, ate oatmeal & protein powder, had a cup of coffee and a few glasses of water, and left for the gym by 8:45. It took me about 15 minutes to get in a workout groove, since I'm accustomed to training in the evening, but it didn't hinder my training at all. I put up some good numbers today! Now I'm making a 93/7 lean hamburger and some wild/brown rice with black beans - yum!

Shoulders & Calves
DB Shoulder Press 20's x 12, 25's x 10, 30's x 10, 35's x 8, 40's x 6
FM Shoulder Press 35 x 12, 35 x 10, 35 x 10, 40 x 8
Upright Row 40 x 12, 50 x 10, 50 x 10, 60 x 8
Rope High Row 55 x 12, 65 x 10, 70 x 10

Standing Calf Raise 120 x 20, 160 x 15, 180 x 10
Seated Calf Raise 25 x 15, 25 x 15, 35 x 12
*Hadn't done calves in a long time, so I cut back the normal 8 sets to only 6, and went to about 80% my normal poundage.

Strength=9.5, Energy=9.0, Delts=16 sets, Calves=6 sets, Duration=35 minutes

Friday, December 09, 2005


This morning I was going to do my Friday Yoga class, but we had a whopping 2" of snow, so in this area that means a snowstorm... therefore the class was cancelled. So I stayed home and shoveled the sidewalk instead! Going in this afternoon for Legs - can't wait! I'll be training with Dylan Thomas - he's a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor and we train twice a week. My leg program is a mix of Kettlebell power/strength oriented movements as well as free weight movements, usually BB deadlifts and BB back squats. Will post the workout this afternoon.

Tonight Dave and I are going to opening day of The Chronicles of Narnia. We both love C.S. Lewis' writing and this series, so we're stoked about the movie! I can foresee myself having some movie munchies while I'm there, too, ha ha! :)

Quads & Hams
KB Swings
KB Pyramid Deadlift
BB Back Squat (ass to calves) 100x8, 120x6, 140x5, 160x4, 180x3
Squat Walkout 230 10 seconds
KB Front Squat
Tri Set: Pyramid Deadlift, KB Front Squat, KB Double Cleans

Duration: 1 hour

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thursday's Training

Fitness Routine Training
Today was a 1 hour practice of my fitness routine drills. I am getting a new routine for Team Universe next year, so I have about 6 months to learn and hone some new skills. Today I was working on a series that begins with a handstand pirouette, then a roll into a split planche, changing to a straddle planche, then pike planche, then down into a side split. This will likely be at the beginning of my routine when I'm most fresh! I also worked on my straddle and pike holds, splits, cartwheels and round-off. Practice lasted 45 minutes.

Biceps, Triceps & Traps
EZ Bar Curl 12, 10, 8, 5
Rope Curl 12, 10, 10, 10
Dips 10, 10, 10
1-Arm Bench Dips 10ea.
Lying Tri Extension 10, 10, 8, 6
DB Shrugs 15, 12, 10, 10

Bis=8 sets, Tris=8 sets, Traps=4 sets
Strength=9.5, Energy=9.0, Duration=40 minutes


Welcome to my new training blog! Here you can follow me along in all of my training and dieting in detail, to see what I do to prepare for a fitness competition.

My next competitions will be:
-NPC Junior National Championships, June 2006, Chicago (Figure)
-NPC Team Universe Championships, August 2006, NYC (Fitness)

I am in Phase 1 of my 18-week off-season training program. Each phase will last 6 weeks and focus on different goals. Phase 1 is a moderate-intensity/moderate-volume program to capitalize on the "anabolic wave" of post-contest.

Phase 1 - Nov. 28 - Jan. 6

Weight Split
Mon - Back & Chest
Tue - Full Body Kettlebells
Wed - OFF
Thu - Biceps, Triceps, Traps
Fri - Quads & Hams
Sat - Shoulders & Calves

Sport-Specific Training
Tue - Gymnastics
Wed - Ab/Core Training, Strength Moves, Flexibility Work
Thu - Ab/Core Training, Strength Moves, Flexibility Work
Fri - Yoga, Flexibility Work
*Ab/Core Training is done 3-5 times per week

Off-Season Nutrition
125-150g protein
150-200g carbs
-40g fat

My current supplement list is pretty minimal. Just coming off competition season, I like to give my body a break from as many supplements as possible. In addition, most of my muscle-building will occur by following a detailed and properly timed diet.

-Centrum Performance Multi-Vitamin (AM)
-Animal Pak Multi-Vitamin (PM, Pre-workout)
-MHP Probolic-SR Protein (2 times daily)
-MHP Macrobolic Protein Bar (1 per day)
-MHP Releve joint aid (1-2 doses per day)


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