Friday, March 28, 2008


Yay, I finally broke through my rut today... and am down almost a full pound. New weight is 145.9 and I'd like to be in the 144's before week's end. No leniency or time to spare... if I want to get to 135 in 5 weeks I've got to be right on the money with the diet. Once I get in it 100%, there's no stopping me! And I have a feeling I'm there right now. I'll report back on my weight early next week, but I expect to be down another 1-2 lbs. by Tuesday.

Today is Leg training in an hour, then gymnastics this afternoon, both sandwiched between two clients. This morning, I was up at 4:30am to attend my Friday AM Coaches Council bible study. Today is also Dave's birthday, so I came home from council and made him french toast with sourdough bread and real maple syrup. Tonight I'll bake him a peanut butter chocolate cake - but none for me!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Low Carbs!

Tuesday - Feeling "fluttery" today... or hypoglycemic. Not sure why, but I ate a bit of oatmeal just now before I head out to gymnastics to practice my routine. This will be a long, intense practice to really work my conditioning. Only one workout today.

Diet should end up being around 90g carbs, and the usual 25-30g fat and 150-160g protein.

Wednesday - Slow day (work-wise) today, so I should be able to lift and run. Will try doubling up to single workout session like I did on Monday. I actually like it and it saves time, too.

Thursday - Will be another intense routine practice day.

Friday - Will be legs and afternoon gymnastics.

Sunday - LOOOOONG run with Dave. We will shoot for 8 miles. This will be our last long run before RACE DAY, which is the following Sunday - April 6!

Early Update

Monday, I had a mini photo shoot, so I trained back and cardio at once (skipped biceps). Held back to about 80% intensity and volume on back so I wasn't too burned out for the cardio and the shoot.

2x8 Pullups

Narrow lat pulldown
3x15, 12, 10

FLEX Seated Row

Hammer Low Row
3x12, 12, 15

V-Bar Straight Arm Pressdown
3x18, 15, 12

Weight took 30 minutes. Followed by a 2-mile run plus warmup/cooldown (22 minutes). Followed by light stretching 5 minutes.

Photo shoot from 5:00 - 7:00pm


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