Saturday, November 10, 2007

6 Days Out

Started peak week today. Weight this morning was 136.5. (Down 3.5 lbs. from my last show 4 weeks ago.) Measurements dropped drastically - went from 37.5" bust to 36", 31.5" band to 30", 37.5" hips to 36", and waist is 26.5". On a 5'7" frame those are pretty good! I feel I've met my goal for conditioning and just need to time my peak right to come in at my all-time best - woohoo!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

8.5 Days Out... I am ready!

This has been the best prep experience in my 5 years of competing. I am calm, relaxed, composed and poised to rock the stage in Dallas! I know many of us Type A's get the "more is better" mindset and I did nearly the opposite this year... taking rest days when I should train, adding in carbs when I felt I needed them and eating "forbidden" foods up to 2 weeks out. Well, I will be presenting my most complete, conditioned physique, best presentation, and by far most entertaining, difficult and energetic fitness routine. All while ENJOYING the process (as much as one can enjoy a process such as this!). I have made some big changes this year and I'm pretty sure they will serve me well in the eyes of the judges, but even if not I am very happy and satisfied with all the hard work and improvements that year off garnered me. And, I am proud to say I am doing it as a 100% natural athlete!

On track for Nationals

Wow, I am only 13 days out! What happened in the last year?! It flew by like a vapor in the wind. I can say I have never been this calm and prepared prior to a show, especially a show of this caliber. By God's grace He has brought me through some rough circumstances to mold me and develop my character. Of course, we always like to win, but I am going into the show to have fun and do my best. Hopefully that will result in a pro card, but if not that's OK because I will continue competing and improving regardless. And... I get to throw down for Thanksgiving, pro card or not! wink.gif

It's funny, once I got my life right by putting God first, my perspective on life and every situation has completely changed. Now, rather than changing the situation, I am able to remain neutral in whatever circumstance and know that it doesn't matter what happens, because God is with me, and my eternal life is secure in Him. Kinda makes everything else seem rather trivial from the eternal perspective.

Thanks to you all for being supportive and for keeping me inspired and motivated. We all learn from and feed each other, which is another reason I love this sport!

Progress Update - Since the MD show on Oct. 13, my physique is much tighter and sharper, and I've gone down approximately 3 lbs. (137.7) I hope to weigh in at 135 prior to starting peak week next Saturday. After running my routine at the Yorton, I am confident in my conditioning/endurance, and have been working on fine tuning and cleaning up the flow of the transitions. It's been a great and fairly easy contest prep! For peak week, my plan is to be a bit more generous/risky with my early-week carb-up and start carbing Friday morning so I'm full and tight enough for Friday PM prejudging. Let's hope it works! smile.gif


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