Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Off Season Week 1

Here's the schedule for this week:

Monday: Squat
Tuesday: Bench
Wednesday: Run day - 2.25 miles on treadmill, 23 minutes
Thursday: Military Press (or Clean n Press)
Friday: Deadlift
Saturday: Run/Walk Cardio Combo (25 min.)
Sunday: Rest

Training - 'Big Four', Gymnastics, Running

Well I had a nice extended break over the past two weeks. I managed to get in 3 workouts each week but took 5 straight days of rest surrounding Thanksgiving. I think that's the biggest break I've had in about a year. :) This week starts the first of my new training phase. I am focusing on three main areas:

Lifting - Big Four - Will consist of the 4 basic lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift, military press and each workout will be followed with auxiliary work for the same and agonist body parts. Days: M, Tu, Th, F.

Gymnastics - I've been wanting to train my routine skills year-round but previously lacked the space, time, coach, and good health. I have all four of these now: my injuries are mostly healed, I am working from home full-time, I have a gymnastics center to train at and a coach available to give me private lessons. I should start next Wednesday and will work with him once a week indefinitely. Days: Wed

Running - To keep my weight down in the off-season and just to stay in good cardio shape, Dave and I are entering the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler in April. So, I want to start running now and begin building up distance and lowering time in mid-January or so. For the rest of the year I'll try to run just 1-2 times per week (about 2-2.5 miles per session) to maintain, but the frequency will go way up starting in January. Days (not set strictly): Any days I'm available and feel like it!


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