Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last Week's Workouts

Since I haven't posted any details of my workouts in a while, here's an excerpt of what I did last week. In fact, starting last week, I decided to pair two bodyparts together and work them in superset fashion. This will help me get a longer workout at a slightly higher intensity, both of which will be beneficial to my anaerobic and aerobic conditioning.

Mon - Walk/Jog (20 minutes)
Tue - Quads/Chest (45 minutes)
Wed - AM: Prenatal Yoga (45 minutes); PM: Shoulders (30 minutes)
Thu - Back/Hamstrings (45 minutes), stretching (10 minutes)
Fri - Bis/Tris/Calves (30 minutes), followed by Arc trainer cardio (15 minutes)


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