Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week 1 Update

Ah, the week started so great. It appeared that this prep would go without flaw. Then I woke up Monday morning barely able to swallow - I'd already caught my first cold! I guess I wasn't thinking about immunity since it's mid-July and the average temp. is 94 degrees lately! My mistake, obviously. So, I took a week off training (at least I can afford it this far out) and am still fighting off the tail end of the cold. I would like to say I stuck to my diet, but I didn't have the energy between the 4th and 8th, not to mention I figured the extra calories would be good for my recovery.

Since yesterday, I've been back on the diet with a little less food than usual since I'm still not training 100% yet. I head out to Seattle on Thursday and I want to be fully recovered by then. What I can work on in the meantime is my flexibility, so that's what I picked back up with yesterday and will continue today and tomorrow.

My supplementation will change to add in the following immune boosters:
L-Glutamine & BCAA's (twice daily)
1000mg Vit C (in addition to multi-vitamin)
10mg Zinc
Optiflora Prebiotic & Probiotic formulas
Garlic Oil


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