Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday's Training: Routine Practice; Back/Biceps/Calves

Workout #1
I didn't make it in to the gymnastics center last week, so I was ready to go this week despite my cold. I took it easy but did manage to re-choreograph the middle part of my routine! All I did was a 10-minute general warm-up w/ stretching, then 30 minutes of strength move segments and choreography.

Workout #2
Today's workout was back, biceps and calves. I couldn't hit it as hard as I wanted to because of the darn head cold I'm getting over, but it was still a pretty good workout. I did lower the number of sets and the intensity was about 95%.

Wide Lat Pulldown 70x25, 90x12, 100x12, 110x10, 120x8
Hammer Iso Underhand Row 25'sx12, 45'sx12, 55'sx10
Flex Seated Row 20'sx12, 25'sx12, 30'sx10
Straight Arm Pulldown 60x15, 65x12, 65x10
Alternating DB Curl 20'sx12ea, 22.5'sx10ea, 25'sx8ea
Incline Double DB Curl 15'sx10, 15'sx10
Donkey Calf Raise 120x18, 180x12, 220x12
Seated Calf Raise 45x20, 72.5x15, 55x12

Total time=1 hour
Back=14 sets
Biceps=5 sets
Calves=6 sets

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Training Update

Been slacking on my logging! I'm halfway through my first training week on the new split. I have a minor head cold but, yes, I'm still training. Dumb? A little. But it won't stop me from working out. :)

Sunday: Quads, Abs
Warm-up: 5 minutes Arc Trainer
Narrow Hack Squat 25'sx25; 45'sx12; 70'sx12; 70'sx12
Wide Stance Smith Squat 45'sx12; 45'sx12; 45'sx12
Leg Extensions (every other set, toes turned in or out) 60x13-Right20x6; 60x12; 75x10; 90x12
Hip Abduction 90x15; 90x15; 90x15
Hanging Leg Raises (Straight, Bent) 8,7; 8,7; 8,7
BOSU Crunches 12; 12; 12

Time=1 hour

Monday: Hamstrings, Calves
Wide Stance SLDL's 65x15; 95x15; 115x10; 135x11
Lying Leg Curl 40x12; 40x12; 50x8,2; 50x8,2
Seated Leg Curl 30x15; 40x15; 50x15
Hip Adduction 70x20; 70x18; 80x18
Standing Calf Raise 45x13; 60x10; BWx20
Seated Hammer Calf Raise 10'sx15; 20'sx15; 25'sx12

Time=55 minutes

Tuesday: Cardio; Chest, Triceps, Abs
Morning: 25 minutes incline walking on treadmill

*Felt sick today (head cold), so didn't take it to full intensity/failure
Hammer Chest Press 25'sx12; 35'sx12; 45'sx7,1; 45'sx6,2
Incline DB Bench Press 40'sx10; 40'sx8; 45'sx8, 35'sx9
Free Motion Fly 15x15; 20x12; 25x10
Reverse Grip Triceps Press Down 50x12; 60x10; 60x8
Lying Tri Extension 30x10; 30x10; 30x9
Hanging Leg Raises (Straight, Bent) 8,7; 8,5; 8,5
Reverse Crunch x7
Stability Ball Crunch 15,5; 12,8

Time=50 minutes


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