Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekly Update - Mon. July 23

Well, last week was a good solid week of training and diet that I can check off the list! Got all my priority workouts in and lost 2 lbs.! End of week weight was 150.9. Stayed clean on the weekends but didn't count anything. Had two cheat meals (one each Sat. and Sun.) - Mahi Mahi w/ broccoli & brown rice from T.G.I.F. and salad bar w/ broccoli/chicken/cheese quiche from Ruby Tuesday's.

This week is starting off good too, but today was my first hungry day. I guess you can only get so lean before it catches up with you. But, it's all part of prep. Can't weight to weigh-in this week and see the changes I've made. Definitely tighter already than last week. Middle abs are coming in and hips/thighs are still getting smaller.


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