Monday, July 27, 2009

99 Days to go!

Yeah baby, I am in double digits counting down until Baby Carpio is born! In weeks, that equates to only 14 as of this coming Wednesday. Heck, that's shorter than most of my contest prep phases!

I am feeling great, all things considered. I occasionally get tired feet, swollen ankles and an achy back, but it's fairly short-lived and doesn't interfere with my everyday activities. (I'm still on my feet for 4 straight hours in the mornings training clients!) I'm also trying to remain as positive as I can throughout my pregnancy. First, I know it's short-lived and the pain will soon be over. Second, it's the most unique and important experience in my life to date, and I want to try and enjoy it and remember it for the good, not the bad. It seems to be working so far. :)


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