Friday, October 05, 2007

7 Days Out...

Well it seems like I just typed the first entry in here just a month or so ago - wow, how time flies! My warm up show is under 2 weeks away. I debated doing a local show before Nationals... many warn against it as you can "tarnish your reputation" if a black horse shows up and you don't win. Well, I opted to ignore the naysayers for several reasons: first, I wanted my local family and friends to be able to see me compete since I haven't done a local show since 2004; second, I am focusing on competing for fun and not as much heavy pressure; third, it's cheaper!

Anyway, I am so blessed to have my friend Heather doing this show with me. She's a trooper and competed in Late July and early August but is hanging on so we can do this show together! My closest friends and family will be there, so I want to go into this show with no pressure (or as little as possible) and just enjoy the day and reflect on the journey thus far.

As for how I look/feel, I've never felt more composed and at peace, and I believe my physique is on point - not too big/hard but good conditioning. That's all I can do, is control how I come in. My weight today was 139.8 - can't believe my off-season high was around 163 *gasp!* I'm a bit scared to do my own peak week diet, but I've done it all this far so I have to be sure of myself and ignore the doubts and indecision that tries to creep in.

Thanks to those of you who are tracking with me and reading my babbling nonsense.



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