Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Current Training

Since I didn't overtrain for Nationals 07, I maintained almost the same training volume and intensity as while on-season. I'm training very frequently right now, and am finally at a point with my physique where I don't have to do a 4- or 5-day split, letting me spend more time working on the routine portion of the sport. Tracey Greenwood is helping me with new moves and re-choreography of my hip-hop inspired routine from 2007.

My lifting and running have been the same as below for the past 4 weeks (since coming out of my strength/power phase). I'd been training gymnastics 2-3x per week but have to back it off to train my routine strength and conditioning. Gymnastics is in there for maintenance and because it's not enough time to learn new skills with only a 2 1/2 month off season twice a year!

Mon - Back/Biceps
Tue - Routine (1 hour), Run 2.5 miles
Wed - Shoulders/Chest/Triceps, Gymnastics (45 minutes)
Thu - Routine (1 hour)
Fri - Legs
Sat or Sun - Run 3-5 miles
*All the running is in there b/c I am doing a ten-mile race the beginning of April.

Ready to Roll in '08!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted since Christmas. I've been a busy bee! Trying to sort out all of my priorities (if you know me well, you know that EVERYTHING is a priority for me and that's what gets me in trouble!). Right now I'm training 8-9 times per week, going to school online, studying for my NASM cert, attending business networking classes, working on my business newsletter, and expanding my business to a private studio and in-home training.

In the midst of all of this, I realized that I'm coming up on contest prep! So I grabbed my calendar and realized I'm 14 weeks out! Good thing I've kept up my cardio, kept up my fitness skills, and have stayed lean (only 12 lbs. over). So, here is my outlook for an early, short but packed 2008 season:

April 6 - CUCB Ten Mile Run
May 2-3 - NPC Pittsburgh (Figure, Fitness)
May 17 - NPC Junior USA's (Figure, Fitness)
June 20-21 - NPC Junior Nationals (Fitness)

The Pitt show is for me to requalify in Fitness and to warm-up for Junior USA's. They are now offering Fitness pro cards at Jr. USAs and Jr. Nats this year! Overall, it's 2 less cards for Fitness (they feel the numbers of girls that are qualified to move on to the pros is less, and I agree), but more show opportunities.

My season will be done by the end of June, so I can enjoy the whole summer with my hubby, friends and family, and also concentrate a lot on my business. I REALLY wanted to tryout for American Gladiators this year, and all of my friends and clients were urging me on, but I went against mere feelings and realized my long-term goals would be again put on hold. I might try out for AG in the fall if they go for a third season. Best of luck to all my girls who are currently on the show and who are trying out right now, for season two!


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