Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spinach, Spongebob and School

Hey all, as I type this I am chillin' in my home office, wearing my Spongebob pajamas and eating Meal #2 prior to heading out for gymnastics/routine practice - micro'd egg whites with SPINACH! BTW, I LOVE spinach. Wasn't too hot on it in the past, but on restricted calories you have to love the nutrient density and nil caloric value. 20 leaves are only 40 calories.

So anyway, I am 2 crazy weeks into prep and had gotten off to a rocky start. Birthday, Valentine's Day and a last-minute beach vacation kept me off the path to say the least. But don't worry, I always get it together and show up ready to rock! I just know now that other things are more important, such as family time with the hubby. He knows where I am now and he promises not to steer me off track. :)

School is keeping me busy - I just finished a paper on the contrast between Humanism and Christianity. It really expanded my knowledge of this major worldview and confirmed why I believe what I do. Incidentally, it's been about a month since I've studied my personal training cert. I picked it up with a practice exam today, scoring 75%, so my plan is to test out between semesters at Liberty, which will be around March 14. NASM is definitely more in-depth and comprehensive than AFAA, which is why I chose it for my recertification. My knowledge of kinesiology has been greatly expounded!


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