Monday, April 23, 2007

The End and Beginning

Well, I just finished my first full training phase for 2007! After 14 weeks of increasing up the pyramid with excellent strength gains and a solid improvement to my hamstring, I took a 10-day active rest/detraining phase (not by choice, I was traveling to three states for work!), and here I am going into Phase 2. Below are some key pointers to both Phase 1 and Phase 2.

2007 Phase 1: 1 Jan - 7 Apr
Training Length: 14 Weeks
-Focused on regaining strength in legs (due to hammy tear in July)
-Focused on regaining muscle in upper body
-Focused on building up training volume

Key Lifts in Phase 1 (Starting Stats vs. Ending Stats)
Lat Pulldown: Start: 100x10, Finish: 120x8
Deadlift: Start: 106x15, Finish: 215x4
Squat: Start: 135x6, Finish: 195x6
DB Shoulder Press: Start:40'sx4 , Finish: 45'sx8
BB Shoulder Press (Standing): Start:55x8 , Finish: 95x8
Leg Press: Start: 3-45'sx10, Finish: 4-45'sx8
Pullups: Start: 3 sets of 3, Finish: 3 sets of 7, 6, 5

-Gained mass in shoulders and upper back
-Gained some muscle back in quads and hams
-Increased volume each week. Volume per bodypart tracked:
Back: 13 sets, 20 sets
Shoulders: 13 sets, 18 sets
Legs: 12 sets, 22 sets

2007 Phase 2: 18 Apr - ?
Training Length: Undecided
-Shift over from bodypart-based split to exercise-based split
-Increase endurance/conditioning work
-Increase strength
-Begin Events training
-Begin Fitness Routine training (gymnastics, stretching, skills)

Key Lifts in Phase 2 (as of Week 2)
Bench Press: 135x4 (new PR!)
Dips: 3 sets of 10, 8, 8
Squat: 215x5 (new PR!)

New Training Split Layout
Day 1(Tu) - Bench Press & Chest, Back, Light Hamstrings, Triceps
Day 2(W) - Squat & Legs, Biceps, Calves, Abs
Day 3(Th) - Rest or Cardio
Day 4(F) - Deadlift & Back, Barbell Press & Shoulders
Day 5(Sa) - Conditioning, Full-Body & Events Training
Day 6(Su) - OFF
Day 7(M) - Cardio Conditioning or Gymnastics
*Grip work & conditioning added throughout each session


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