Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday's Training: Cardio; Chest/Tris/Abs

Workout #1: Cardio on Treadmill - I did my 2-4-6-8 cardio routine for 3 rounds and followed that with incline walking at 4.0mph, 5.0% incline for 10 minutes. Pretty good workout!

Workout #2: Chest/Triceps/Abs - Had a good upper body workout, although I was a little tired (need to look into some supplements for energy!). Abs killed me. I followed this with 10 minutes of deep, thorough stretching for my hips and hamstrings.

1. Incline DB Bench Press 30sx15; 40sx12; 45sx10; 50sx10
2. Hammer Chest Press 25sx10; 25sx8,2; 25sx9; 25sx10
3. Flat DB Fly 20sx12, 20sx10, 20sx10
4. Lying Triceps Overhead Xtnsn w/ EZ Bar 30x12, 40x9, 40x8
5. Rope Press Down 20x12, 20x12, 20x12

1. Hanging Leg Raise (Straight ss Bent) x10,5; x10,5; x10,5; x10,5
2. BOSU Crunch x15, x15, x15, x20
Total workout=1 hour

Monday, November 10, 2008

Workout: Long, Lean Legs!

I went in early to day for a BodyAge assessment, so I hit legs afterward (around 10:30am). Lifting early has never been a favorite activity of mine, but this was a great workout!

Quads & Abs
Length: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Warmup: 5 minutes upright bike
Hammer Hack Squat (Narrow Stance): 25'sx20; 25'sx15; 45'sx15; 45'sx15; 55'sx12
Smith Wide Stance Squat: 25'sx15; 45'sx15; 45'sx12; 50'sx10
Leg Extensions (2 regular, 2 in): 50x15; 60x15; 70x12; 80x10; Right only:30x6, 30x10
Hip Abduction: 80x18; 100x15; 120x15
Reverse Incline Crunch*: x12; x11; x10
Stability Ball Crunch: x15,5; x15,10; x15,15; x20

*Did sets of abs between sets of Leg Extension and Hip Abduction.

Another Week (and two classes) Down!

This past week was crazy! I am taking 4 college classes condensed into 8-week semesters. While I'm only taking 2 classes per semester, two semesters overlapped for a 3-week period. Last week was the culmination of the first two classes, so I was super-swamped studying for finals, writing papers and doing regular assignments in my other two classes, plus helping Dave with his calc class. I spent no less than 5 hours M-F on homework, then 8 hours EACH Saturday and Sunday! I finished around 5pm yesterday with 3 pending assignments not completed, but I was spent and needed a break!

Maybe surprising to some, I didn't miss a workout last week! :) No matter how busy I am, I do my best to make it to the gym. I need the stress relief, the endorphins, and of course I don't want to fall back on my training. At this point in my fitness career, my training level is advanced to the point where it takes a drastic, consistent and all-out effort for me to make even small changes. Just maintaining my normal routine will not help me with any new gains, so I'm making a concerted effort to fully utilize the next 5-6 months before I start dieting again.

Here's the training round-up for last week:
Tue-Cardio;Hams, Calves
Thu-Routine practice

So let's hope I can easily get the schoolwork and the workouts in this week, since my workload has been reduced by half!


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