Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Weekly Training

I'm now just under 4 weeks out from the warmup show and 9 weeks out from NATIONALS! Decided to start logging my training on paper so I can keep track of how many sessions of what I am doing, now that I'm increasing the frequency. Running is back in and I am going to add in a 3rd weekly routine practice, once I can get to the gymnastics facility to train.

Mon: AM - Shoulders; PM - 25 min. Run
Tue: PM - 60 min. Fitness Routine (conditioning-focused)
Wed: AM - Back, Calves; PM 25 min. Fitness Routine
Thu: AM - 30 min. Fitness Routine, 30 min. kettlebell conditioning
Fri: AM - Gymnastics; PM - Legs
*Second run will be Wed or Fri


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