Monday, November 06, 2006

My Update - Been a while!

Hey everyone (if anyone's still reading this!), hope you are all doing well. I am doing fine. I've been pretty busy lately, although none of it has been fitness related (if you can believe it, since I've lived and breathed fitness for the past 6 years.).

First, I started a new job. Some of you may know I'm a government contractor in Information Technology. Well, my old contract ended Sep. 30 and I was left jobless. Luckily, my old boss forwarded my resume to the CEO of a new company, and I was a direct referral. I interviewed and got the job with the National Guard Bureau, the organization that combines the Air and Army Guard into one entity. Anyway, I work in the Joint Operations Center, which all the state Guard entities report up to for all their operations. My team at KSI is responsible for developing the web application interface that the entire National Guard uses to communicate - track their status, supplies and missions. I am a tech support for the users and am also responsible for web content, training documentation and online help. I just started my 4th week working at NGB and I LOVE it.

In the meantime, I am working on my education as well. I am going back to school in January to finish my B.S. in Business with a specialization in Mgmt. Information Systems. Right now, I am working on several IT certifications, including my Network+ and my MCSA.

Fitness-wise, I am still recovering from my torn hamstring that I incurred in mid-June, 3 weeks before Team Universe. I haven't been able to train legs 100% since the injury, and have had to cut my training volume back to about 25% of what I had been doing - it was hard, but I now know it is the best thing for me in order to recover the fastest and fullest. I am just getting over a cold, but now that my job is on a set schedule, I will be training in the mornings, before work, and will lift 3 days a week and try to get some sort of cardio in - such as a morning walk/jog - twice per week.

My competition plans, although very loose right now, are to be at Nationals in Dallas next November. This will depend on many factors, two of the most important being 1) a full recovery of my hamstring and 2) a vast improvement in my fitness routine skills, which I hope will come in the form of gymnastics (I plan to take lessons once I am healed).

So, I haven't dropped of the face of the Earth, and I haven't "quit" competing, I'm just taking a short break to rest, re-focus, and come back with a better attitude (and a better routine!).

Thanks everyone, love you all!



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