Thursday, October 18, 2007

A few changes to be made

I thought on it for a few days, and with the perspectives of a few good friends slightly altered my game plan for the next 4 1/2 weeks prep for Nationals.

-Leg training: slightly lower weight and up intensity; add plyos and 2nd lower-body plyo workout
-Cardio: 2 full-blown routine practices (currently doing this), 1 mini practice (opt) or Run, Run 3x per week
-Diet: I was VERY low carb before, going between 50-75g every day. I plan to cycle b/c I think the higher days will help me come in harder and fuller. I will go up to 100g probably twice a week.

Other than that, it's just stick to what I do for the next month. I will alter my peak week diet a bit and begin carbing up earlier, and also since prejudging is Friday night it will change some things.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Post-comp reflections & the way ahead

Well, it's two days after my show and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Why? Other than trying to focus on the anxiety of winning, I already knew going into the show that my true identity and worth was already defined and rooted and would not change based on the outcome of the show. For once, I had no stress and felt joy and peace as I focused on having fun, being friendly, encouraging others, and simply performing my routine with enjoyment. I had time to reflect on my personal journey - the discipline, effort and hard work that, through God-given strength, I was able to endure with very little difficulty and to stay balanced and focused on my personal relationships and responsibilities. Thank God for his grace and strength! I hope to continue to be able to bless myself and others through my passion and love for this sport. It is a blessing that I have been given the physical and mental strength and tools to participate in such a rewarding activity, and to be able to reflect God's glory and be an example of Christ to others.

And once I realized all of this, I decided that my prep will not change over the next 5 weeks until the Nationals. I will "do what I do" and keep working hard and improving, week by week, and hope to have another awesome experience in Dallas!

Thanks for listening and sticking with me through my journey. And special thanks to Heather M. for letting me know she reads (and actually enjoys) my silly little journal. ;)



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