Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday - A Compromise

Feeling MUCH better today, and chagnged my split up again so I can hit everything in 4 days instead of 5. Today was shoulders and triceps, and I left with an awesome pump!

Shoulders & Triceps
DB Shoulder Press 20'sx15 30'sx10 35'sx8 35'sx8
KB Clean n Press 26'sx8 36'sx6 26'sx8 26'sx6
Upright Row 40x12 50x10 50x10 40x10
Reverse Laterals 10'sx15 15'sx12 12'sx15
BW Dips 9, 8, 7
Reverse Grip Press Downs 40x12 40x15 45x12 40x15

Shoulders=15 sets Triceps=7 sets
Strength=8.5 Energy=8.0 Duration=48 mins.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday - Getting Better

Glad today is backoff week, as I am still quite sick, but feeling much better today than I had on Sun and Mon. Today was full body KB with an emphasis on Back & Chest. My cardio sucked bad today, so we took a little longer rests than normal.

Swings 26x15 20 16x15 20 53x10
1. KB Military Press 26'sx5 26'sx8 36'sx4
2. Pullups 5, 5, 6
3. Hammer Chest Press 35'sx10 40'sx6 45'sx6
1. T-Bar Row Machine 35x10 45x12 55x10
2. Incline KB Press on SB 26'sx8 26'sx10 26'sx12
3. Chins 8, 8, 6
KB Suitcase Deadlift 53'sx10 70'sx8 70'sx8

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.
Strength=7.0 Energy=6.0

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday - Still Sick

Well, despite popping Vit C, zinc, garlic, echinacea, Zicam, drinking green tea and eating oranges, I'm still sick as a dawg! Too sick today to train, and with Christmas cutting my training week even shorter, I've been forced to condense my split this week to fit everything in. So here's the plan:

Tue - KB Full Body (Back/Chest emphasis)
Wed - Shoulders, Triceps
Thu - Legs, Calves
Fri - Back, Biceps

Hopefully I'm well enough to do this tomorrow! Until then, I'll be sticking to the Vitamins, veggies/fruits, water, and resting up!


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