Monday, January 30, 2006

2006 Season Training Outline

I just took the time to figure out the weeks I have til each show and how I want to divide up those weeks into different phases of training and diet. Also, I've given myself deadlines for precontest "to do's".

Training Outline
Nov. 28 - Jan. 6 - Phase 1 (Mass) - 6 Weeks
Jan. 9 - Feb. 3 - Phase 2 (Strength) - 4 Weeks
Feb. 6 - Feb. 17 - Detraining/Active Rest - 2 Weeks
*19 weeks out from Jr. Nationals - start baseline contest diet
Feb. 20 - ? - Will likely be a high volume phase - unsure of length (going by feel)
*Official "Precontest" Mode at this point - from here on out intensity and volume will always be kept moderately high.

Sport-Specific & Miscellaneous Training
I have 7 weeks to begin improving my flexibility, increasing my conditioning/endurance and continue to build up my functional strength for my fitness routine. Currently, I'd been doing yoga once every 2 weeks and running sprints once per week.

Starting Feb. 6 (next Monday) I will likely be teaching an AM boot camp class 3x a week. If so, that will count as my extra cardio, and all I will need to add in is gymnastics, strength and flexibility work. If the class doesn't go down, then I will sprint twice per week and do a full-body conditioning workout once per week. I will determine my schedule and specific training this week, once I find out if the boot camp will be happening or not.

Feb. 6 - 6 weeks of sport-specific training for fitness routine skills (strength, endurance, flexibility, power)

Precontest Timeline & Deadlines

Dates to keep in mind:
April 8 - 10 weeks out from Jr. Nats (14 weeks out Team U)
May 6 - 6 weeks out from Jr. Nats (10 weeks out Team U)

Feb. 6 - Email music guy for routine mix (takes 3-5 weeks)
Mar. 13 or asap - Get new routine choreographed (get Nationals tape to send to choreographer)
Jun. 9 - Date to have my routine nailed by, leaving me with 2 good weeks between Jr. Nats and Team U to make additional improvements on conditioning and precision.

I would ideally like a full 3 months to learn and perfect my new fitness routine. With Team U being only 4 weeks after Jr. Nats, and scrubbing peak week for Jr. Nats, that leaves me until Mar. 13 to get my routine in hands to begin learning/practicing it. This means I have 7 weeks as of today to build up my strength, flexibility and conditioning with sport-specific training, before I actually begin working on my new routine. Like I said, that leaves me with 12 weeks to perfect the routine. The weeks before and after Jr. Nats, as well as Team U peak week, will leave me very busy, drained and not able to make major improvements on my routine. So, I'll have only 2 solid weeks between both shows and after Mar. 13 to clean everything up and put on the finishing touches.


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