Saturday, March 08, 2008

End of Week 2

I'm rolling right along... finally found 'the groove' again this time! Dave had pizza Thursday night but it didn't phase me - ha! I surpassed my goal weight for week one but fell short for week two:

Week 1 Goal: 147.6 (Actual - 147.3)
Week 2 Goal: 146.2 (Actual - 146.7)
Week 3 Goal: 144.7

I'm not worried. I know that the body does what it does how and when it wants to. I could wake up tomorrow 2 lbs. lighter (hey, it happens to me all the time). So I am continuing to go with the flow. No changes to diet or training, but I'll be careful not to have too many free foods during the weekend, however clean they may be.

Delts are shaping up nicely now that my arms are getting tighter. Top abs are in and obliques are starting to show. Since I stayed lean, my glutes and hammies are MUCH tighter already than in previous years.

Routine practice is going well. My gymnastics coach showed me some great techniques for building my endurance and perfecting some strength moves.


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