Friday, April 18, 2008

Another week (almost) down!

Yay, I made it through another rough week! Those low low calories are killer, and to top it all off, I got my period on Wednesday, so you know I was craving all kinds of crazy carbs... ah!!!

I haven't weighed in since Apr. 15, but when this post-period water weight goes away I'll check in again. To be honest, I'm actually (for once) NOT worried about my weight. I have seen so many drastic visual changes in my physique, day to day, over this past week that I know I am progressing. Trying to "get to" a certain weight and not getting there can deflate the positive momentum and cause you to have to dig deep for extra motivation, so in this case I'd rather not know my weight.

I do feel that I've done everything I can to prep, and I'm always looking forward (remember, if you look in the rear view mirror more than in the windshield, you'll crash!) and controlling what lies ahead of me, God willing of course. I am really excited to get on stage again, and I am very excited to visit with my Dad and aunts/uncles/cousins, since I haven't seen him in almost 1 1/2 years since the divorce! I miss my Dad very much, and he's one of my biggest role models. Not to mention, going "home" to Pittsburgh will ROCK! I was watching Food Network the other day and they went to this Italian sandwich joint in Pittsburgh and I am like "Oh, we are SO going there after the show!" I hope I remember when I'm up there!

BUSY week this week. Going to Delaware today to train with Tracey. Sunday is our Fit Figures posing class, on Tuesday I'm presenting a 10-minute keynote to my business group, getting my hair done Wednesday, and picking up a banner for the bridal expo a business affiliate and I are working the following Sunday - after doing a makeup consultation on Saturday for my Fit Figures Team! All this, and normal PT clients, contest training, getting my peak week diet ready and show arrangements, and making sure I keep up with my college schoolwork! Only by the grace of God can I manage all this stuff. Only by taking one day at a time do I not drive myself nuts.

To all my clients out there, girls I am always thinking of you and hoping your training and prep is going well. I apologize if I don't always answer emails right away; I'd rather wait till when I have time to give you the full response I feel you deserve. Hang in there; you all are great!

Let me leave you with a great verse that I try to live by on a daily basis (I do fail, but I try my best!):

"If then there is any encouragement in Christ, if any consolation of love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by thinking the same way, sharing the same feelings, focusing on one goal. Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves. Everyone should look out not (only) for his own interests, but also for the interests of others." Phillipians 2:1-4

Lots of Love,

Monday, April 14, 2008


Training went great last week! I'm still feeling a-OK (no signs of overtraining) so I'm kicking it up again this week. On Friday, I'll be heading to Delaware for my final training session with my fitness coach, Tracey Greenwood.

Mon: AM - Back; PM - 4 mile run (36:34)
Tue: AM - Routine (60 min.); PM - Gymnastics class (90 min.)
Wed: AM - Legs; PM - 3-4 mile run
Thu: AM - Routine; PM - Sprints (~25 min.)
Fri: PM - Routine w/ Tracey (90 min.)
Sat: AM - Shoulders/Chest
Sun: PM - Posing Class (90 min.)
*Might add in another run on Sat or Sun depending on how I feel.

Strict diet again this week. I did go up to about 1000 cals Saturday and 1200 Sunday. For the rest of this week I'll cycle between 850 and 1050 every 2-3 days.


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