Tuesday, September 30, 2008


One of the biggest areas I've slacked in during the past 6 weeks has been legs. I've prioritized my back and shoulder for so long now (2-3 years) that when I have to miss a workout, it usually ends up being legs. So now that I'm on this new split, my goal is to really focus on the quads (particularly quad sweep) and get my old volume back up to about 18 sets total. Yesterday was my 2nd leg workout since starting my split. The middle of my quads is tight and sore, and during my last set of barbell front squats yesterday, I could feel that meaty part of the muscle just start to burn deep inside. It was a great feeling!

Smith Machine Split Squat (R,L) 10'sx13,11; 10'sx12,9; 20'sx12,10
Narrow Hack Squat 25'sx15, 25'sx15, 45'sx12, 45'sx12
Barbell Front Squat (deep - down to floor) 95x8, 95x8, 95x7
Leg Extension (feet turned in) 50x12-10x5R only; 70x8,2-10x6R only; 90x8-70x4-10x6R, 10L, 7R only

13 sets
40 minutes


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