Monday, April 21, 2008

Posing Class, Training and Rotator Cuff

Sunday was my Fit Figures Team posing class. We had a great turnout! 5 women attended the posing (two team members) and one of my girls brought along her training and one of his employees to observe the workings of figure posing. The girls have been working hard, and it's fun to see their physiques progress month to month. It gives me a great chance to fine tune my presentation, as well.

Training is still training. Some days I feel like it, some I don't. Today is a "don't " day, with the crappy weather, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Diet is still going well. Not starving but ready to eat(!) and my cravings are very much under control. Rearranged split this week partly because of injury (see below) and to mirror my training for peak week next week. Here's the outlook:

Mon: Legs; Cardio
Tue: Routine; Cardio
Wed: Back/Bis; Cardio
Thu: Routine; Cardio
Fri: Shoulders/Chest; Routine (short)
Sat: Start Peak Week
*I'll likely be skipping tomorrow night's and Friday's gymnastics classes to let me shoulder recoup. So, gotta sub it with regular old cardio (blah!). Will be doing my routine on the hardwood floor this week to get used to the lack of spring and beating my body into the ground - fun fun!

Somehow, Friday afternoon, I managed to strain my left rotator cuff. NOT COOL two weeks out from a show! I am nursing it, and I do have a lot more range of motion now (about 80%), but I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull off a fitness routine. Seeing my doc Wednesday and my Chiro/Soft Tissue/Rehab guru Friday. I may just have to compete in Figure, which at least would give me an outlet instead of wasting my entire prep so far, but I'd still be disappointed if I couldn't show off my new routine!

Praying and hanging in there,


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