Monday, January 15, 2007

Week 2

Day 1 (1/12/07 - Fri)
1. T-Bar Row 50x12 75x8 75x8
2. Lat Pulldown 90x12 100x10 110x6/drop/80x8
3. KB 1-arm Row (R,L) 35x8ea. 35x8ea. 35x8ea.
4. FM Lat Pulldown 60x12 60x10 60x10
5. Donkey Calf Raise 120x20 240x12 280x10 300x8 220x8

Time=35 minutes

Day 2 (1/15/07 - Mon)
1. KB Swings 35x20 44x15 53x15
2. BB Squat 95x12 95x12 95x10
3. KB Double Deadlift 2-35x10 2-35x12 2-35x10
4. Seated Leg Curl 60x12 60x10 60x10

Time=30 minutes
*Was hard to go easy... had to keep reminding myself. Legs are on a separate protocol from the rest of the body since they are recovering. Can't make it intense, can't do force reps, can't increase weight or volume.

Week 1

This program started on Jan. 4 (Thu). Four completed training days constitutes one training "week."

Day 1 (1/4/07 - Thu)
1. T-Bar Row 50x15 75x8 75x8
2. Lat Pulldown 100x10 100x10 100x7
3. Double KB Row 2-35x6 2-26x10 2-35x6/drop/2-26x6
4. FM Lats (R,L) 50x15ea. 60x12ea/drop/60x8,6
5. BB Curl 45x8 45x6/rp/2 45x4/rp/2

Time=35 minutes

Day 2 (1/5/07 - Fri) *First full leg workout since injury & without pain!
1. KB Swings 35x25 44x20 53x15
2. KB Pyramid Deadlift 53x15 70x12 80x8
3. BB Squat 95x10 135x6 135x6
4. Seated Leg Curl 70x12 70x10(R-20x5) 70x10(R-20x5)
5. Donkey Calf Raise 120x20 240x12 280x10

Time=40 minutes

Day 3 (1/8/07 - Mon)
1. DB Shoulder Press 25x15 30x12 35x8 40x4.5
2. Upright Row 40x12 40x12 50x10 (Right elbow hurts, have to lower weight/pressure)
3. 1-Arm KB Press (R,L) 35x5,4 35x8ea. 44x6ea. 53x3ea.
4. Bent Laterals 12.5x15 15x12 12.5x12
5. FM Shoulder 45x12 45x9 45x7

Time=38 minutes

Day 4 (1/9/07 - Tue)
1. FM Pushup 12, 8, 8
2. DB Incline Press 35x9 40x8
3. Rope Pressdown 35x10 35x10 35x9
4. Leg Extension (FLEX) 60x12 75x10 90x8rp4rp4

Time=25 minutes

Coming along...

Well, I am closer to recovery than I've been in the past 6 months! I did my first "real" leg workout two Fridays ago, and felt pretty good - maybe around 85%. Granted, my volume was nearly cut in half, but it's better than nothing! I've learned a great deal of patience and not to rush things, especially injuries! I am praying to be able to get back on stage in the late summer/fall, and to be in Dallas in November competing at Nationals again. I don't know what God is holding for me in the future, so I will try and roll with the punches and be content no matter what.

I am at least setting a loose training plan for 2007, since I am a planning freak, lol! I have app. 44 weeks until Nationals. Divide that up and you get 3 12-week phases and 1 8-week phase. My timeline goals are to be recovered well enough to resume regular leg training at the end of this 8-week phase (mid-March). Other phase goals are to begin taking dance lessons, and head into phase 2 by taking private gymnastics lessons. I want to be as prepared as possible, so I will condition and recover for the next 8 weeks prior to starting the lessons. However, this is a lot harder with a full-time job that requires some travel, plus going to school part-time. I will do my best to balance all without having to get EVERYTHING done, and without compromising my spiritual and family life.

For those that have read this far, thank you for stopping by my Blog to see what I've been up to. I appreciate your concern! Wish me the best as I wish nothing but the best to you in 2007 and beyond.



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