Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekly Update - Monday, July 30

12 weeks out... another week down and another 2 lbs. lost - woohoo! This prep is going GREAT so far. I hope I don't jinx myself. :)

I struggled at the beginning of the week. I figured I'd get in the 140's within the first day, but the scale didn't budge Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday... I finally hit on Saturday, and weighed in again Sunday morning for the new low of... 148.6! So in 8 days I lost another 2.3 lbs. Yeah, I'm happy!

Training is going well. I'm trying to pace myself because my natural tendency is to keep going and pushing harder and for more, but if I do that this early on I'll burn myself out. I got all my workouts in this past week - 3 lifting sessions, 3 routine practices and 2 runs. Intensity was a little lower on my routine practices to avoid that burnout feeling, and so I could focus on little pieces of choreography and repetitions of strength moves. I decided to take this AM off from running, but I feel great and will be back in the gym tonight to train back and abs with my BF Andrea.

Started a new supplement on Saturday - Nutrex NIOX. My client Linda RAVES about this stuff, so I have to see what all the hype is about! It's a liqui-cap NO2 stimulant. I haven't noticed a stimulant effect from it, which is good for me, but I'm not sure it's making me fuller and harder yet. I think it's too early on to tell.

Wish me luck this week! I have another loaded schedule but I have no doubts God will bring me through it.


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