Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can you DIGG it?

Hey guys, I need your help. If I'm one of the first 5 Bloggers to get 200 Diggs on my article, I win a cash-money prize! Please show me how much you love me and click "Digg" on the following link. (You need to register for a Digg account to do so)

Click to Digg The Busy Woman's All-in-One Workout

Show me some love!

For all of you faithful and hardworking clients of mine, I suggest purchasing a shirt to show how much you really care about me and my torture... er training methods!

Or, if you're still a little sore and maybe not so happy with me, you can always go for this one:

Random Fitness Thought

I was browsing some fitness buttons and bumper stickers today and found this awesome one. Had to share it with you all!


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