Friday, March 17, 2006

Wk 4, Day 5 - LEGS!

Trained today at 5:30am since we're leaving for Shenandoah after getting taxes done this afternoon. Definitely couldn't skip leg day! :D

Warmup: 10 minutes treadmill walking & 2 sprint intervals
KB Swings 36x20 53x15 70x10 53x15
Clean n Jerk 36'sx6 36'sx6 36'sx6 36'sx6 36'sx8
Cage Squats 140x10 160x8 180x8 190x6 220x4
A1: 1-leg SLDL 36'sx8 36'sx8 53'sx6 53'sx6
A2: Pyramid Deadlift 53x12 53x12 70x12 70x12
KB Farmer's Lunge w/ 26's - 1x down gym & back

Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.
Total Sets=23

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wk 4, Day 4 - Back & Chest

On a low-carb day, this sucked kettleballs! :)

Hammer Pullups 8, 6, 6
Wide Lat Pulldown 80x12 90x10 100x10 100x8
A1: Flat Bench Press 65x15 95x10 105x10 135x5*
A2: Barbell Row 70x12 90x10 100x10 110x8
B1: Incline KB Press on Ball 26'sx10 36'sx10 36'sx8
B2: Seated Close-Grip Cable Row 80x12 90x10 100x10
Free Motion Lat Pulldown 50x12 50x10 50x10
Free Motion Pushup 12, 10

Duration: 50 minutes
Total Sets: Back=17 Chest=9
*Completed reps with spotter assistance

Wk 4, Day 3 - Delts, Traps & Calves

Seated DB Shoulder Press 30'sx12 30'sx12 35'sx10 40'sx6
Full Range Laterals 12'sx10 12'sx10 12'sx10
Upright Row 50x10 50x10 50x10 50x10
ss w/ DB Bent-Over Laterals (last 3 sets) 10'sx10 10'sx10 10'sx10
Rope High Row 50x12 60x10 60x10

DB Shrugs 35'sx15 45'sx12 55'sx10

Standing Calf Raise* 100x15 140x10 80x10
*Still sore from Monday, so went light on weight and volume.

Duration: 40 minutes
Total Sets: Delts=17 Traps=3 Calves=3

Thursday's Diet - Low

0615: 1/3c oats, 1/3 scoop Probolic protein, 1 oz soy milk (148)

0845: 1/2c cottage cheese, 4 oz yogurt, 1/8c Kashi Nuggets cereal (192)

1045: 2 oz chicken, 1/2 can green beans (118)

1300: 6 egg whites, 1 ww tortilla (149)

1445: 2.5 oz ground turkey, 2/3c spinach (138)

1630 Preworkout: 1/2c cottage cheese, 1/4c oats, 1/2 tbsp flax oil (209)

1730 - Train Back & Chest

1845 Postworkout: 1 oz MHP Simply Whey, 1 packet sugar (138)

2030: 5 egg whites, 4 oz yogurt (142)

TOTALS: 30g fat, 98g carbs (22g fiber), 154g protein

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fixed Meals

In my quest to keep my diet as well-balanced and complete as possible, to include as many vitamins and nutrients as I can, to aid in fat loss and muscle retention and to assist in sports performance, I have formulated several new fixed meals that will remain daily staples in my diet from here on out.

Typically, I eat 8 meals a day, spaced out about every 2 - 2.5 hours. My most important meals are breakfast, preworkout and postworkout, so I carefully consider the type of protein and carbohydrates, as well as ratios, for those meals. In addition to this, I'll be adding an oxygenating food combination to my diet twice daily to assist in recovery and performance. This formulation is based on years of proven research and is commonly used to treat and cure cancer patients, and of course it is all natural.

My daily fixed meals will be:

Breakfast: Oatmeal & 3-sourced protein powder - the amounts will vary based on my carbohydrate intake for that day, but I need slow-digesting carbs first thing in the morning to get out of a glycogen deficit. Many competitors eat whey in the morning for its fast-digesting capabilities, but the downside to this is sometimes it digests too quickly before the next meal. My solution is to take MHP Probolic-SR - a protein powder that contains whey, soy and casein, for a continual release of amino acids to keep me in a positive nitrogen balance always.

Preworkout: Cottage cheese & flax oil + complex carbohydrate - this cottage cheese & flax combination is the miracle food combo that helps oxygenate the body faster than any other food source. The flax oil is organic and cold-pressed to ensure stability and highest quality. When combined with cottage cheese (yogurt is also an option here) the protein makes the flax more easily digestable and readily available for the body. By adding a complex carbohydrate here - either 7-grain cereal, brown rice, or oats, I am getting a completely balanced whole-food meal to fuel my training session.

Postworkout: Sugar & Whey protein - The importance of nutrient selection and timing is unparalleled when it comes to postworkout. My post-workout meal has been the same for the past year, except for a few variations in the off-season that I could count on one hand. My protein of choice is MHP Simply Whey. The fast-absorbing whey contains added glutamine peptides, perfect for post-workout to get the amino acids to the muscles as quickly as possible. Pair that with a fast-carb for quick glycogen restoration and to assist with the post-workout insulin spike, and you have the perfect post-workout meal. My sugar sources are usually sucrose, but sometimes I change it to dextrose or even fructose.

Last meal of the Day: Quality protein + flax oil - For the same reasons I choose this combo pre-workout, I'm choosing it again as my last meal of the day. There are several reasons for this. First, to keep the body oxygenated it is recommended to get at least 2 tbsp of flax oil and at least 1/4c cottage cheese in 1 serving, and to eat that combo several times throughout the day. To keep my flax intake higher without making 1 meal too high in fat, I spread it over 2 meals. Second, I feel that a slow digesting protein with a healthy fat make an excellent combination to eat before going to bed. The fat helps slow the digestability of the protein to give you a slower release of amino acids during the night. No added carbs ensures there will be no excess fat storage. Protein source for this meal will either be cottage cheese or yogurt, or a combination of the two.

Well, that takes care of 4 of my 8 daily meals. The other 4 meals will focus on a variety of quality lean meat and protein sources, as well as fresh fibrous vegetables. This will give me a varying array of amino acids to speed up my muscle recovery between workouts, and the veggies will provide lots of fiber to keep me full, as well as vitamins and nutrients my body needs. Depending on my carb intake that day, I will add complex carbs to 1 or 2 of these 4 meals, and they will come in the form of brown rice or sweet potatoes.

My current protein sources are:
Egg whites
Chicken breast
Ground turkey
Ground beef
*To keep my animal fat down so I can take the flax combo twice daily without going over my fat allotment, I will begin substituting the ground meats with other lower-fat options, such as more chicken breast, egg whites, and white fish such as tilapia.

My current veggies are:
Green Beans
Bell Peppers
*To keep my fiber intake high and to get as many nutrients as possible, I will begin adding in leafy greens, cauliflower, and I will always choose fresh or frozen veggies (not canned).

My current carbs are:
Brown Rice
Kashi 7-Grain Cereal
*I will occasionally substitute these with sweet potatoes. These 4 are my favorites so I rarely substitute them with anything else.

Fat sources:
All added fat will come from the flax oil. The rest of my fat intake will come from the small amounts found in protein powders and lean meats.

Wednesday's Diet - High

0700: 1/2c oats, 1/3 scoop Probolic protein (183)
-2 MHP Releve tablets

0825 - Long Routine Practice (55 minutes)

0945: 1/3 tbsp flax oil, 1/2c cottage cheese, 4 oz yogurt, 1/8c Kashi Nuggets cereal (232)
-2 MHP Activite multi's, 175mg coral calcium, 500mg ester-vit c

1200: 2 oz chicken breast, 1c broccoli, 1/3c brown rice (207)

1400 Preworkout: 2 oz chicken breast, 1/2c brown rice (200)

1515 - Train Shoulders, Traps, Calves

1630 Postworkout: 1 oz MHP Simply Whey, 1.5 tbsp honey (210)

1830: 2 oz chicken breast, 2c broccoli (179)

2030: 1c cottage cheese, 1/3 tbsp flax oil (204)

TOTALS: 29g fat, 147g carbs (23g fiber), 150g protein

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wk 4, Day 2 - Routine Practice, Power/Conditioning

0745 - Short Routine Practice (25 minutes)

1545 - Power & Conditioning Workout
Swings 36x20 53x15 70x10 70x10 70x10
A1: Power Clean n Jerk 2-36'sx5 2-36'sx6 2-36'sx6 2-36'sx6 2-36'sx6
A2: Snatch (L,R) 36x5,5 36x6,6 36x8,8 36x10,10 36x6,6
B1: Clean n Push Press (R,L) 53x2,2 53x3,3 53x3,3 53x3,3 53x3,3
B2: Hammer Pullups 5 6 7 5 5
Swings 1 minute x 36# for 2 sets (set 1=37 set 2=40)
Snatch 2 minutes x 26# for 1 set (25 per side)

Duration: 1 hr 15 m in

Tuesday's Diet - Medium

0600: 4 oz yogurt, 1/2c cottage cheese, 1/8c Kashi Nuggets cereal (192)

0745: 1 medium apple, 1.5 oz chicken (150)

-175mg coral calcium, 500mg vit c

0930: 4 egg whites, 1 slice turkey bacon, 1 ww tortilla (150)
-MHP Activite multi-vitamin

1100: 1 container sf jello pudding (50)

1300: 1/3c oats, 1/3 scoop Probolic protein, 1 oz soy milk (148)

1430 Preworkout: 1/3c brown rice, 2.5 oz chicken (187)

-Train Power/Conditioning

1700 Postworkout: 35g MHP Simply Whey, 1 packet sugar (165)

1915: 2.5 oz ground turkey, 1/2 can green beans (126)

2100: 2/3c cottage cheese, 1/3 tbsp flax oil (156)

TOTALS: 31g fat, 122g carbs (20g fiber), 149g protein

Wk 4, Day 1 - Biceps, Triceps, Calves

Switched Days 1 and 2 because Friday and Monday were two intense days that offered me little recovery between... now I've given myself an extra day, and I can hit a hard routine practice first thing Monday once I get my new choreography.

Morning - Short Routine Practice (20 minutes)

Evening - Weights (Arms & Calves)
EZ Bar Curl 40x12 40x10 50x8 50x8
Straight Cable Curl 50x8 40x10 40x10 40x10
Dips 10, 10, 8 + 1 set of 15 Bench Dips
1-Arm Reverse Grip Press Downs 10x12,12 10x12,12 15x10,10 15x12,12
Donkey Calf Raise 100x10 140x15 180x12 200x10
Seated Calf Raise 45x12 45x12

Duration: 35 minutes
Total Sets: Bis=8 Tris=8 Calves=6

Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday's Diet - Low

0630: 4 oz low sugar yogurt, 1/3 scoop Probolic protein (116)

0825: 1/3c oats, 1 oz Probolic protein (198)
MHP Activite multi, 175mg coral calcium, 500mg ester-c

1030: 3 oz ground turkey, 1/2 can green beans, 1 bell pepper (178)

1200 - Short Routine Practice (30 minutes)

1245 Preworkout: 2 oz chicken, 1/2c brown rice (200)

1400 Train

1500 Postworkout: 1 oz Probolic protein, 1 packet sugar (146)

1630: 1/2c cottage cheese, 4 oz yogurt, 1/8c Kashi Nuggets cereal (192)

1830: 2.5 oz chicken, 2/3c spinach (153)

2030: 2/3c cottage cheese (108)

TOTALS: 30g fat, 100g carbs (15g fiber), 156g protein


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