Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back in Action! (14 Weeks Out)

OK, a lot has happened since my last post. I am over my cold (but I do have lingering sinus congestion) and I spent last weekend in Seattle training with Tanji Johson and her team of experts. It was a blast! She choreographed a PHAT routine for me that I love and it suits me to a T. I also worked with her gymnastics coach and a breakdancing guy to teach me skills to hone some new moves for this season - yeah!


Got back in da gym on Monday with a vengeance. I dunno, something about being around a top 5 in the world fitness pro gives you a little motivation! Monday was Back & Abs, today was my first routine practice and I had a blast. 90 minutes of conditioning, dance, stretching, and drills and I wanted to stay for more but I was too tired (and had to shower & go to work - bummer). So the plan is 3 90-minute routine & skills practices per week, 2-3 cardio sessions and my 3 major lifting sessions (back, shoulders, legs).

I want to start working with a gymnastics coach if I can find one that's a good fit, and I want to take dance classes once a week to keep my body used to moving that way so I flow smoother and more naturally. This week my friend Heather and I will try out a local hip-hop class on Friday - should be great fun!

So, here's the current split. No set days, depends on when I'm not training clients (my second job next to my 9 hour gobmint job).

Lifting Sessions
1. Back, Abs
2. Shoulders, Calves
3. Legs

1. 3 90-minute sessions
2. 1 60-minute dance class
3. (Opt.) 1 gymnastics class (will substitute for cardio or routine)

Additional Cardio
1. 2 20-minute runs

That amounts to 9 training sessions per week. One of my routine practices is Saturday AM and Sunday is my only complete rest day.


My progress was plateaued for a while and it shot ahead over the past 2 weeks. Here's a quick chart of my fat loss so far:

Apr. 24 - 165 lbs. (max weight after cheat weekend!)
Jun. 6 - 158.5 lbs.
Jun. 23 - 156.3 lbs.
Jul. 11 - 154.7 lbs.
Jul. 17 - 152.3 lbs. (14 & 19 weeks out)


I am doing a very low carb diet but my energy is still sky-high. I like this approach and will add food in if I need it as my training volume and frequency increase.

Current numbers:
1200 calories
30g fat
75g carbs
155g protein


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