Friday, March 21, 2008

6 Weeks Out

Yay, I finally broke through my rut! I'm down another 1.4 lbs. today - to back where I was on Mar. 8. So I really lost 2 lbs. this week. I really had to kick things into high gear - added an extra 3-mile run, kept carbs and fat lower, and trained twice a day yesterday as well as Tuesday. Today is gymnastics only and this weekend will be a 7-mile run. Hopefully I can keep up this losing streak (ha ha!) and get down another 2 lbs. each week for the next two weeks. That would get me back to a slower goal and make me a little less stressed. :)

This past week's Training:
Mon: Back/Bis
Tue: Routine, 3-mile Run
Wed: Shoulders/Chest/Tris
Thu: Routine, Legs
Fri: Gymnastics/Routine
Sat: 7-mile Run

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

6.5 Weeks Out

OK, I've been getting bugged, so here's my update! ;)

I gained 2 lbs. on the scale over the past two weeks. Diet has been straight, but I did have some minor hangups with it last week (had to attend two banquets) and training (missed two workouts due to scheduling conflicts and a minor knee injury). I am feeling very tight and lean, my delts are popping out and my arms are extremely tight - can't pinch any fat. Lower abs are finally tightening up, and of course my saddlebags are last to go! It's possible I gained muscle, especially since I look so much leaner and my face is beginning to resemble a kling-on once again, lol.

This week, I added in a second run to help with calorie expenditure, but also to help prepare for the race. Dave and I ran 6 miles last Saturday and this week the goal is 7 miles. So, I just did a short 3-mile run last night. When I train twice a day, I need to space workouts at least 4 hours and two meals apart or I am worthless for the 2nd workout.

Routine is coming together! I have all my strength moves except for one stupid handstand roll thingy. My coach tells me not to give up on it; we won't change it until we have to at 2 weeks out if I don't have it by then. She's right; I trust her!

On Monday I have a photo shoot, so that will definitely motivate me to stay on track with diet this week. I will do an official weigh-in Friday or Saturday of this week. I think I'll do a bodyfat check, too.

Oh, and I passed my NASM personal training exam on Monday - yay!


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