Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week 9 Update, 2007 Preview

The training life is gooooood... heck, life period is good! ROLF therapy on the hammy is helping after just one treatment. I'm deadlifting again, pain-free! Light weights, but happy to be "deading" nonetheless. Job is good, school is school, marriage is great, family is good, friends are great, GOD is great!

Quick summary over the past 9 weeks... Started BB squatting and light KB deadlifting, slowly increasing weight and volume week to week at an excruciatingly slow pace, just to be EXTRA safe. Continued increasing volume for back and shoulders, added ab training back in.

Areas to improve (aka stuff I never feel like training): Flexibility, Abs, Calves

General: My split just changed since for the month of March I am transitioning my training into exercise-based, rather than body-part based. A hectic travel schedule at work will make it tough to stick with anything consistently, so April is up in the air, but May should be a solid month for training.

Sport-specific training: I'm going to start gymnastics lessons after a few more ROLFing treatments and increased flexibility. I plan on taking a few lessons on olympic-style weightlifting to assist with cross-training efforts. I will take dance from a choreographer at my gym in July. I will begin training my fitness routine in July.

2007 Schedule
Nov 3 - NPC Body 1 Maryland State (Owings Mills, MD)
Nov 16-17 - NPC Nationals, baby! (Dallas, TX)


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