Monday, June 16, 2008

3 Days Out!

I am FINALLY getting excited for this show... a mix of positive anticipation and unknown anxiety, but excitation nonetheless. :)

Everything has really come together over the past week. I won't lie, I was worried about not having my physique where I wanted it last week, but I just stuck to everything and waited it out, and I have made some awesome changes in that little bit of time. My routine is, and has, been ready to go and is more polished as well has better conditioning (endurance) from Jr USAs last month. I am mentally ready for a break from competing. Started the baseline diet in February and this will be the 3rd show in 8 weeks. Physically, thanks to my Doctor and putting extra time into supplementation and balanced nutrition, my body feels great. I am a little bored with the same old training but I've kept the fire in the workouts and am ready to bring it to Chicago!

I fly out Thursday and arrive in the afternoon. The best spray tanning crew around will be taking care of me - John and Roxana Kreklo. They did my tan at Dallas Nationals last year and it was beyond awesome. My hair will be done Wed by my local hairdresser, and Laurie St. Michael will be making me up both Friday and Saturday.

This show will be 2/3 over with Friday night! Very odd, so I have to adjust my diet to peak well for Friday. I've been trying some different things and I have a perfect peaking plan and have no doubt it will turn out awesome. This will be the best show for me this season. I just hope to hit my routine well and have fun while I'm out there. Looking forward to meeting new competitors and having some deep dish Chicago pizza Saturday night!


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