Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day 3, Thursday

Elbows are bugging me again from the heavy poundage. Doc Howard realigned my radius today, but the realignment caused me even more pain during training. I'm wearing elbow braces now to assist during lifting and keep my elbows in alignment.

Day 3 - DB Bench Press (+ Delts, Back)
Warmup: Pullup/Pushup/Squat circuit, repeated 4 times
DB Bench Press 50'sx7 60'sx6 65'sx2 Last set w/ 35# KB's x 7
Military Press 70x7 90x5 100x5 (Push Press)
Hammer Strength Row 45'sx8 55'sx6 65'sx5
KB Russian Military Press 35x6,6 35x6,6 35x5,5
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 90x10 110x8 130x4 drop 120x3
Upright Row 50x10 60x7 60x8
DB Shoulder Press 35'sx8 35'sx8 40'sx6

Duration: 1 hour

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Post Slacking...

I've been slacking on my log posting! But, the training is as hard as ever. With all this NFL drama lately, I feel like it's Christmas time all over again! GO STEELERS!!!

Here are my last few days' workouts:

Day 1 - Military Press (+ Chest, Calves)
Standing BB Military Press 75x6 95x5 95x5
Ladder Pullups 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1
Deadlift 165x5 165x4
DB Bench Press 45'sx7 50'sx6 55'sx6

Standing Calf Raise 120x20 160x15 220x12 260x8
ss w/ Seated Calf Raise 25x12 35x12 45x10
Free Motion Pushup 12, 13, 12

Duration: 48 minutes

Day 2 - Deadlift (+ Biceps, Triceps)
Deadlift 170x4 190x4 210x4*
DB Bench Press 50'sx6 55'sx5 55'sx5
BB T-Bar Row 95x8 120x8 140x5
Squat 140x6 140x5 160x5

Barbell Curl 50x8 50x8 55x6 60x5
Dips 10, 12
Lying Tricep Extension 40x6 40x6 40x5

Duration: 47 minutes


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