Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ready to go!

Feeling very good about where I am. Weight is 139.9 this morning. I am much tighter all-around and managed to fill out a great deal by slowly upping the calories over the past 2 weeks and carb-cycling. Last all-out routine practice today and it went great! Got the new moves down to the newly sped-up music. Had tons of energy and noticed no depletion after running through the entire routine. Hopefully I can duplicate this on Saturday!

I'm heading down to Charleston on Thursday early afternoon. It's an 8-hour drive, so with 2 gallons of water for the day there will be plenty of pee breaks! I like to relax and not rush during the last few days, so I'm giving myself that extra day and plenty of time to drive down. Jan Tana is doing my color and EccoGioia is doing my hair, so I don't have to worry about having time to do any of that.

I heard 5 days ago that there were about 17 fitness competitors registered so far. It should be a nice turnout then! 3 classes, maybe about 6-8 girls per class if they are evenly split, but they usually never are. I know I will show better than my last show - I am already better than I was then by far. Hopefully the judges recognize my improvements and hopefully it's good enough in the field to get a top 3 placing! But, you never know these things until you see who is there and how everyone performs that day. I am definitely satisfied with where I am now; at this point it's just about getting my peak right without being too depleted or too flat. I feel great about where I am now - was a little ahead this morning so I was forced to add in some more carbs - oh, darn! :)

Wish me luck, I am ready to have a blast in SC regardless of the placings.



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