Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feeling Great!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - a few of you have been "bugging" me. ;)

I am doing GREAT. I had my wisdom teeth (all 4, 2 were impacted) pulled 1 1/2 weeks ago and had to stall on diet/training for about 5 days, but I am in full gear and hard-charging now!

This is my 3rd day at the house working from my home office and I can't believe how BUSY I am. I'm busier than I was working at NGB, because I have so many things to do that my brain thought of over the past 6 months and put on hold until I had time, which is now. I am loving it though! It will be a learning experience to find a balance and set my schedule and will probably take a few weeks to find a comfortable rhythm.

OK, about show prep. I am 4.5 weeks out from my warm-up show. I feel a lot different going into this one. I don't feel RIPPED but I do feel lean and tight. It's kind of odd. Maybe the muscle I put on in the off-season is skewing my image of how I should look right now. In any case, I am relaxed, not stressed or worried and will get to see what I need to tweak for Nationals in less than 10 weeks!

My weight as of yesterday is 143.7 and can you believe when I first started with my baseline beginning of June I was close to 160?! For this first show I will aim to come in slightly under 140, perhaps 138. I don't know for sure, I just tweak things as I go!

Fitness Routine is coming together quite nicely. Conditioning is much better than anticipated after a 2-week layoff due to the oral surgery. Strength and flexibility are there, just need to keep it all when I run all-out routines. And that, my friends, is nothing but ENDURANCE and kick-your-butt sport conditioning that makes you want to throw up and/or pass out. But, I LOVE it and would never willingly give up competing in Fitness!

Well, gotta get back to work but I'll try to check in next week with updated pics from my two photoshoots (one 2 weeks ago and one this coming Saturday).

God Bless!


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