Wednesday, December 03, 2008

NPC launches Bikini Division, plus rule changes

The NPC just had their board of governors meeting at the Nationals weekend, Nov. 22. The new rule changes for fitness and figure are out, as well as the announcement of a new division, bikini. I'll provide links to both news releases, but the bottom line is this:

-Fitness and Figure will no longer be competing in a 1-piece suit (IFBB will retain the 1-piece suit however). Figure will consist of 1 round - the 2 piece suit. Fitness will consist of 2 rounds - the 2 piece suit and routine round.

-The new bikini division will be available at local and regional shows per the promoter's discretion. The top 5 places at any national-qualifying event qualify for any of 6 bikini pro qualifiers in 2009. The IFBB will launch the pro bikini division in 2010 or 2011.

I am told the look for Bikini will be like that of the Flex magazine model search winners from the Olympia. Less muscularity but still presenting a lean and athletic look. Balance, shape, complexion, beauty and skin tone are all factors. Rack bikinis may be worn and heels must be worn. Jewelry may be worn. The round consists of a model turn (front turn and back turn) and a comparison round (front turn and back turn).

I will be offering training and consulting services for the new Bikini division as part of my Fit Figures Competition Team. I will be integrating training and diet differences, as well as suit selection and presentation, for this new round in all of my workshops and posing classes. Please email me if you'd like to talk about preparing for a bikini competition in 2009. This is a great way to break in to the NPC and IFBB for girls that struggle with gaining the amount of muscle required for Fitness or Figure.

NPC Bikini Division Rules

NPC Rule Changes for 2009 (Fitness/Figure)

The 2009 schedule is not yet posted, but the promoter's sanction request date is Dec. 13, so look for the schedule in early January.


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