Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weekly Update - 10 Weeks Out

Here we go again. Last week went well. Nothing very exciting - what can I say? I'm in the zone, trucking along. Can't do a weigh-in yet since I'm holding a lot of water due to my monthly visitor. Hopefully when I weigh in Friday I will be down around 146!

Routine training is going great. Just this week I really started to notice changes in everything pulling together. Skills are getting better and conditioning is drastically improving. It takes tons of patience to do fitness. You train long, hard hours and have little to show for it until 1-2 weeks later, then you start noticing gradual, subtle improvements.

Everything else is going good and is extremely uneventful - which is the way I like it. :)

Now under the 10 week mark for the Maryland Show, I feel confident that I will come in this season at my best ever. I'm usually 3-4 weeks behind where I am in my dieting right now, so I'm definitely a happy camper. :)


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