Monday, July 02, 2007

L-E-T-S G-O!

An old cheer I used to do back in my high school cheerleading days, and a good phrase to kick off my 2007 season prep!

My trip to Seattle was canceled due to flight issues, but I am heading back out in 2 weeks. Today I have slightly under 15 weeks until my warm-up show, then another 5 weeks till Nationals. Here are my beginning stats:

Height: 5' 7 1/2"
Weight: 157.7
Bodyfat: (Omron handheld) 15.0% Male, 21.8% Female
Goal Weight: 140 lbs.

NOTES: By setting a goal of 1 lb. per week lost (conservative), I will reach 143.7 lbs. prior to peak week, then lose approximately 5 lbs. of water during peak week. I will adjust the goal weight as I lean down and see how my body comes in. If anything, the goal weight will go down to possibly as low as 135 lbs. As for bodyfat, I don't track it to keep a goal number in mind, but I do check it now and again to view fluctuations between readings.

My first phase of training, I have already been following for the past 2 weeks to get myself into the groove. Here's the split:

M - PM: Back, Abs
Tu - AM: Routine/Conditioning (75 min.), PM: Cardio (running, 20 min.)
W - PM: Shoulders, Calves
Th - AM: Routine/Conditioning (75 min.), PM: Cardio (running, 20 min.)
F - PM: Legs
Sa - AM: Routine/Conditioning (75 min.)

I get a lot of work for chest and triceps through my routine strength training. However, I've cut out chest, biceps and triceps from my lifting split since I am happy maintaining them where they are, and actually I don't want them to get any bigger. If I feel any of these parts starting to lag, I will re-introduce them into my training program.

My lifting scheme is a moderate volume, moderate intensity program. I lift between 16-19 sets each for Back and Shoulders. Calves get 5-7 sets (planning to increase) and Legs get about 20-25 sets. This will slowly increase week by week during this first phase, and I will have planned back-off weeks before resuming a higher volume and intensity just prior to the competition date(s).

I will be setting strict numbers for macronutrients that I will keep track of daily through my FitDay online journal. This will let me know exactly what I am taking in so I can adjust my diet up or down based on my body's reaction in terms of rate of fat loss. I will keep fairly clean cheat meals in once a week until they start hindering me from meeting my goal weight. I will also have a higher carb day mid-week (Wed). This structure is a loose version of carb-cycling.


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