Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday - Blah!

Feelin' like crap today... worst day of my cold so far. Strength and energy were so low during my workout, I felt like I was dieting again! Made it through shoulders but got a crazy pain in my right shoulder doing standing BB presses, so I skipped calves.

FM Shoulder Press 35x15 35x12 35x10 35x10
KB Double Shoulder Press 26'sx10 26'sx8 36'sx6 26'sx8
BB Standing Press 3 sets of 50x10
DB Seated B-O Lat Raise 10'sx12 10'sx12 12'sx10 10'sx10

Strength=7.0 Energy=7.0 Total sets=15 Duration=28 minutes

Friday - Legs!!!

Yoga was cancelled AGAIN because of... well, I don't really know why. The school authorities around here are ridiculous. By the time I left the house late morning, it was sunny, 45 degrees, with bare, dry roads. Anyway, I got my nails done then headed in for a killer leg workout. Last tough week and next week is backoff week. I will post reps/poundage later.

KB Swings - 5 sets
KB Cleans & Power Cleans - 7 sets
BB Squat - 7 sets
(This part lasted 45 minutes, then I had a client. I finished my leg workout 45 minutes and a protein shake later.)

KB Front Squat - 5 sets
KB 1-Leg SLDL - 5 sets
(30 minutes)

Friday, December 16, 2005


Arms & Traps
Didn't have as much strength as I'd hoped during this workout, but I more than made up for it with a super-intense workout, definitely the toughest of the 3 weeks so far.

EZ Bar Curl 30x15 40x12 50x10 60x4-40x6-30x6
1-Arm DB Preacher Curl (L,R) 10x12ea. 12.5x12ea. 15x12ea. 20x8ea.
BW Dips 3 sets of 10
Lying Tricep Extension 30x12 30x10 30x8
30x8 ss w/ Close grip bench 30x12
BB Shrugs 85x15 85x15 125x10 125x10

Strength=9.5 Energy=9.8 Duration=58 minutes
Bis=8 sets Tris=8 sets Traps=4 sets

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Today was on off day from lifting, but my sport-specific training is 1 hour routine drill practice. Today's practice went well - I did the same stuff as last week but it's coming together a little more. With these new moves, repetition is the key, and it sometimes takes months to perfect one move or one series of moves. So, I've learned to have a lot of patience! Tomorrow will be back in the weight room!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday - KB Training!

Today was a friggin' kick-butt KB workout! I knew week 3 would be tough, but this was my toughest workout in the last 2 months! Felt awesome afterwards, but now I need a nap. :)

Full Body KB Training - Emphasis on Back
Swings 26x15 36x15 53x10 53x10 53x10
Snatches 26x10ea. 26x10ea 26x10ea
BB Traditional Deadlift 140x8 140x8 160x8 170x8 190x8
Ladder Pullups SS w/ 1-Arm Russian KB Military Press 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 10/5
Clean n Jerk 36'sx3 36'sx5 36's x 4 36's x 8 36's x 5

Strength=9.5 Energy=9.0 Duration=75 minutes

Monday, December 12, 2005


OK, so I missed Yoga again! I was writing a new article for this morning, and when I got up and looked at the clock it was 10 til. So, that wasn't happening! Tonight will be Back & Chest, and this is Week 3 of my cycle, so it will be the 100% all-out week.

I've decided to add Creatine into my supplement program again (actually started on Friday before Legs). I'm taking MHP TRAC Extreme-NO prior to and during my weight sessions.

Back & Chest
Flat Barbell Bench Press 65x15 85x12 95x10 105x8 115x5
Double KB Row 26'sx15 26'sx12 26'sx10 50'sx3-26'sx12
Free Motion Pushup 12, 10, 12
Free Motion Row 45x12 50x12 50x12 70x10
Hammer Chest Press 25'sx15 35'sx10 45'sx8
Free Motion Lat Pulldown 40x15 50x12 60x10 70x8

Back=12 sets, Chest=11 sets, Strength=8.5, Energy=7.5, Duration=50 minutes


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